5 gallon buckets at home

People tend to overlook how useful 5 gallon buckets are. Whether you are at home, in the office, in the garden, at camp, you will likely need a 5 gallon or larger bucket. Below are some examples of its uses around the home.

In the kitchen

There will always be something to store in the kitchen. Most of the time, food and drink. But small kitchen utensils also need a container when you don’t have one. A few 5 gallon buckets in the kitchen can go a long way. However, when storing food and beverages, always make sure the 5 gallon pails are made of food grade plastic materials. It is always important to be safe than sorry. When you have the 5 gallon food grade buckets, you can start storing the sugar, grains, cereal, and / or milk.

In the games room

Sometimes it is very frustrating when children start to play but never start cleaning their toys afterwards. Rearranging them one by one in a good order on the shelves can also be very tiring. Especially if they start to spoil them in the next 5 minutes. Why not have some colorful 5 gallon buckets in there and teach the kids some organization? If the job is simple enough to do, they surely won’t pout doing it, right? So the car toys in the blue bucket, the dolls in pink, the stuffed animals in yellow, etc.

In the garage

So many tools, so little space. In this case, 5-gallon buckets can be helpful. What you need to do is assemble your tools based on the functions and sizes. Cleaning tools should be bundled with other equipment or supplies of the same function, placed in a 5-gallon bucket, then tagged on the outside to indicate what is stored inside. Do the same with garden tools or supplies and woodworking tools. A nice organized garage is what you will get.

In the study room

Research shows that Americans waste approximately 4 million tons of office paper in a year. So here’s a little tip: recycle your paper and use it until you can’t use it. When you receive a letter or print a document that you no longer use, store it in a 5 gallon bucket for future use. You may need to use waste paper one of these days and you can save the environment by using both sides of the used paper stored there.

Around the house

Then it is a cleaning day. Why not grab your 5 gallon bucket and put your cleaning tools inside, going from room to room while cleaning every part of the house? When you find trash on your way, pick it up and drop it in the bin, then move on to cleanup. When things are done hands-on, cleaning work doesn’t look or feel too bad.

Those are just a few of the things that can be done with 5 gallon buckets at home. There are many other things when plastic buckets are very versatile on a day-to-day basis wherever we are. The next few articles will discuss how 5 gallon buckets can be useful in the garden, at a campground, and even at the office.

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