6 Tips for Getting More Business Christmas Card Referrals

The holidays are the only time of year when everyone thinks about sending greeting cards. This time of year is also one of the most important to send cards. These tips will help you get more references from your cards and avoid some common mistakes.

1. First of all, business Christmas cards tend to get displayed more than any other card you send.

It doesn’t matter if you send cards to other business professionals or to consumers, we all love to display them during the holidays. We can put them on the office shelf, office door, cubicle wall, or our consumer customers will put them on the mantel, refrigerator, or bookcase.

Because our cards are on display, we want to take extra care and make them really stand out. This simple strategy is one of the easiest to ensure we get more referrals.

2. Whatever you do, don’t get bored with your company’s Christmas cards.

Boring store-bought cards will never be picked up and examined. I recommend paying special attention to creating a unique and fun personalized Christmas card. You can use technology like Send Out Cards to make a fun card out of your photos. Use a photo of the staff having fun instead of a simple logo. Human nature is that we are attracted to photos of people, especially if we are in the photos or we know the people in the photos.

If you make it boring, no one will pick it up and ask “Whose is this?” How many opportunities like this do you get for a referral if you send a boring Christmas store bought card?

3. Send your cards ahead of time. Don’t wait until the last minute!

What happens during the holidays? Holiday parties! If your Christmas card is your first, and it’s fun and interesting, it will definitely be on display. When people come to the Christmas party, many more will see your card and have a chance to pick it up. If you send it late, there may be no shelf space for your card. Not only that, but it can come after the holidays are over. By putting off and mailing your card late, you have missed out on getting free referrals.

4. Send yourself a test card NOW.

Since we are talking about personalized business Christmas cards, it is important that a proof is submitted now. Don’t wait until the last minute. That way, you have the opportunity to test it and make changes before sending it out to your customers. There is nothing worse than sending 300 personalized Christmas cards to clients only to find that you have an obvious misspelling or that your photos are not printing correctly.

5. Your card will be much more likely to show up if you use a vertical layout instead of a horizontal one.

Since Christmas cards tend to be on display, you want to make sure you don’t use a horizontal layout. Since horizontal cards tend to fall off easily, they won’t display for as long. Also, you can place more vertical cards on a shelf or fireplace mantel, so you have a better chance of it being selected for display.

6. Don’t ask for references on your company’s Christmas cards.

If you ask for references on my Christmas card, I know you don’t really “care” about me. I know you are only sending this to me to try and get more referrals.

You want your customers to feel that you care about them. If you make them feel like you don’t care, they won’t trust you with referrals!

By following the tips outlined above, you will be making fun and interesting Christmas cards and will naturally get referrals from them. Just by having fun and letting your clients know that you are a real person, you will receive more referrals.

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