Banyugan Beach in Boracay – A Review

This is another private beach that I visited, next to Lapuz Lapuz beach. There are many similarities between the two beaches: Like Lapuz Lapuz Beach, Banyugan Beach also belongs to an expensive five-star hotel complex, located in a very secluded area of ​​Boracay where you can enjoy complete privacy and exclusion. from the rest of the world, and as is the case with Lapuz Lapuz beach, Banyugan is accessible and can only be used by guests of the Shangri-La Boracay hotel. In this article I will tell you why this beach should be on your must-see list.

Natural and Scenic Beauty – This is a place of true natural beauty. Do you want to see the crystal clear blue waters of the ocean? You have it, right here! Do you want to take a dip? Ahead. There won’t be hundreds of tourists before you. What’s great about this beach is that it slopes into the ocean, so swimming here is a real treat. This beach is also good for those who want to enjoy snorkeling. Do you want to rest a bit? Want a place away from the crowds of pushy vendors and yelling tourists? Then Banyugan Beach is exactly your place! If you want to enjoy sunrise and sunset and also have fun and fun under the bright sunlight, there is no better place than this beach. If you have an appetite for coconuts, well this place has plenty of large coconut trees for you to fill up. In fact, the sunset here is of such rare beauty that you will want to stay awake at that precise time; trust me, you don’t want to miss it!

Dance and Music: If you are a fan of traditional Filipino tribal dances or modern live music, you can get anything that suits your taste here.

Friendly Hotel Staff: The hotel staff couldn’t be friendlier. If you have already booked your accommodation (you should), the hotel staff will take you to the private resort on a private boat. I must tell you that I am glad I chose this hotel because this way I did not have to trudge through the extremely busy and crowded port of Cagban Beach jetty; It also helped me avoid the traffic jam (those loud grunts!) From the main road. As I hung out in the gap, the staff would often bring me kabobs of tropical fruits from the area, as well as iced tea.

Total Privacy – Like I said, if you really want to feel the essence of privacy, visit Banyugan Beach. There is nothing more private than this place because only guests of the Shangri-La Boracay hotel can enjoy the many delights this beach has to offer.

The Bad: Be careful of the sun’s rays – the very sunlight that is so beautiful to look at could give you sunburn. I’m not kidding. The sunlight here is quite scorching even during cloudy weather. Trust me, you don’t want to go there without carrying some sunscreen lotion with you. Don’t even think about buying one there because the beach is far from the Boracay markets.

Overall, Banyugan is a relaxed, private beach located in a secluded part of Boracay that I highly recommend.

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