Benefits of anti-aging facial toner for skin care

The importance of facial toner in an anti-aging skincare regimen:

Using a facial toner is a necessary part of your daily anti-aging skincare routine, the important step between cleansing and hydrating.

The most common method of applying toner is to dab some on a cotton ball and apply it to your face and neck after cleansing. Some products come in a variety of sprays and pre-soaked pads.

Face Skin Care – Purpose of a Toner

The purpose of using a toner is to first remove any cleaning residue, dirt, excess oil, makeup, dead skin cells, and any residue that the cleanser has not removed.

The toner also restores the PH balance of the skin and helps prepare it to accept moisturizers and any other serum or anti-aging treatment.

Facial skin care: benefits of facial toners

Additionally, many facial toners will tighten pores and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

A quality toner will also unclog pores, improve overall skin tone, increase circulation, and hydrate skin promoting healthy, radiant skin.

Toner Tips

  • Very beneficial for oily skin and acne -controls oil and eliminates unwanted shine.
  • Look for toners that do not contain alcohol, as alcohol is ultra-drying and harsh on the skin.
  • Toners come in many blends – some include beneficial essential oils and herbal extracts.

Some people trust tonics, but many skincare experts don’t. The choice is yours. If you like the way your skin feels and looks, wear it and enjoy it.

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