BlackBerry Z10 – Does It Live Up To Your Expectations?

RIM Ltd., a Canadian telecommunications giant, changed its name to BlackBerry, and the first thing they did after all the name change business was to roll out the new BlackBerry 10 operating system, which is supposed to be the most advanced operating system. manufactured by the company still. All said and done, a good operating system without a decent phone to support it is like having a Ferrari without wheels, which means totally and utterly useless, and this is where the BlackBerry Z10 enters the picture.

This phone reportedly turned out to be a messiah for the Canadian firm that was losing money big time, due to all the competition in the market in the form of iOS, Android and Windows phones. Although BB phones always had integrity, they lacked the ingenuity that rival new smartphones had to offer, and this caused the faith of even the most ardent BlackBerry supporters to stagger, which in turn caused the enormous amount of support slowly decrease. In the midst of all this decline and amazement, someone at the company thought of making a leap from the v7.0 operating system that was dominant at the time, straight to the BB 10 operating system, causing quite a stir throughout the smartphone community. .

As mentioned in the early stages of the article, the Z10 was the first phone to support the latter operating system, which “technically” made it the company’s first real smartphone. Although the hype surrounding this phone during its launch was overwhelming, we had never been a big part of the BB fan club, so we weren’t moved. But as so much criticism started pouring in, even we had to sit down and take note, and this is precisely the moment we decided to reach for the phone to see if it would show off her mantle or become a huge disappointment. . We applied for a BlackBerry Z10 contract to get our hands on this phone, as the £ 514 price tag for a Sim Free was too high for our liking. Anyway, starting from the outside, the device features a plastic frame which, while good to look at, doesn’t feel good to touch as it gives off those plastic vibes that aren’t really welcome, although we have to admit. The rubber felt back adds a bit to the premium feel of the phone while increasing its grip.

The front of the device features a 4.2-inch capacitive touchscreen with 355 ppi, which felt quite responsive to our touch, and a secondary 2.0 MP camera that allows users to video chat and record pretty decent videos, while when We rotated the device.We came face to face with an 8.0 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash, which turned out to be surprisingly clear too.

Just scrolling through different pages and apps didn’t seem like a big deal, and it definitely didn’t take long to get used to, as this device gets its power from a 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Krait processor with 2GB of adreno RAM. 225 GPU, although we have to admit that opening websites with many pages turned out to be a bit more than we had expected.

All in all, the device performs very well and has the looks going for it too, but it’s just not what we’d call the “Best Buy” in its category. For users planning to go for this device, all we would like to say is that “If you are a BlackBerry fan, go ahead and buy the Z10, but if not, explore your options a bit, like” There is! lots of grass to choose from! “

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