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Symbian is an open source operating system maintained by the Symbian Foundation. The system is exclusively designed as a software platform to give new dimensions to various applications on a mobile device. The system is commonly used in the latest Nokia, Samsung and LG mobile phones.

Here is a list of important applications compatible with Symbian:

mobile search

This is a wonderful tool used to search, find and connect to various services and websites like Yahoo, Gmail and Facebook. The software also supports mapping with the use of Microsoft Local.

QR reader

QReader is an efficient and powerful application compatible with high-end Symbian software. The app supports electronic reading in different text formats and extensions like Palm DOC, TCR, FB2 and UMD files.

Navigator AND

Y-Browser is an excellent application used to manage files and folders. This file manager allows the user to copy, paste, cut, create and delete files and folders in a simple and convenient way.

internet radio
Symbian effectively supports Internet radio in all possible formats. With this mobile app, users can enjoy their favorite music in almost any format, including MP3, AAC, MP4, M4A, WMA, AMR, and WAV.

Adobe PDF Reader

With this app, users can open, access and read PDF documents on their phones. Any PDF file sent via Bluetooth technology, received as an email attachment, or downloaded while browsing web pages can be easily opened and accessed through the use of this application.

postal administrator

Zip Manager is a powerful and effective file compression tool that allows convenient handling of all zip or compressed files. The application offers a graphical interface to easily add, extract and open files.

Still Image Editor

Symbian has effectively supported this application for easy and convenient image editing. With this feature, any image can be conveniently edited by adding clip art, making color adjustments, editing text, resizing and much more to choose from in the Edit option.

Advanced call manager

Advanced Call Manager is one of the most demanding requirements among mobile users. This app can allow users to organize the phone book into custom categories like blacklist, whitelist or any other similar type of list. A black list can be created for the people whose calls you want to block and the white list can be customized for special people who can call you at any time. Users can even customize a special list of people to whom they can automatically send a personalized message when they receive a call from them during a meeting.

To learn more, see Symbian.

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