How can listing my business on a social media site increase traffic to my business?

When it comes to your business, online marketing is no longer an option. Social networks provide you with backlinks to the sites that Google indexes. However, the search engine also counts +1 actions. If your link works well on social media, it helps you rank higher in the search engine. Google also doesn’t consider just Google+. Before the arrival of Google’s own social network, the search engine counted on the popularity of content shared on Facebook and Twitter.

If your video, meme, or links go viral, it will only help increase visibility on social media and search engines. Going viral drives more traffic, and if you’re writing about something others consider newsworthy, you can find an article about their website on the Huffington Post, The New York Times, or a local ABC affiliate!

With tools like TweetDeck or the Buffer app, you can schedule posts to run on your social channels multiple times throughout the day. Using different text appeals to different parts of your demographic while posting multiple times, ensuring you catch followers operating at different times or in different time zones. Technology allows you to tackle social media without sacrificing too much time for the work you already do, and we all know how addictive Facebook can be!

Social media is also necessary when it comes to connecting with local consumers. Even though they may stop by your office every day, these potential customers may not take a second look at your sign. Social networks like Facebook and Google Business help consumers in the area discover your business, while you should consider listing local businesses to gain visibility for people who might be searching for you on social media, search engines, and websites. reviews like Yelp. Don’t forget about local social networking sites to increase traffic.

Listing your business on these sites doesn’t just make it easy for people to find you. Google uses contact information, website URLs, and even reviews of your business that are collected from these sites to populate search engine results pages with information about your business. If your URL is on those sites because you have committed to adding the correct information about your business. This information also appears in applications such as Google Maps, which helps you connect with mobile device users who might be looking for your specific address or just a business in the neighborhood that offers the products or services that you offer.

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