How Coaches, Content Creators, and Information Marketers Can Turn "Digital driftwood" Cold wet cash

If you are a content creator who wants to get more sales and money from the content you have already created, this article will show you how.

Here is a true story to illustrate what to do:

Not long ago, I was visiting my mother, who lives in a small town by the sea, and I decided to take out my phone and create a teaching video for a series of professionally produced videos. Typically I would just immediately create and put such content on my mobile app and share it for value to gain immediate engagement and possibly even see immediate cash flow, depending on what the content is selling for. But this was for something completely different and one of those rare cases where you wanted a studio-like production value.

Anyway, the topic was about what I call:

“Digital driftwood”

It was inspired by a driftwood that I saw on the beach.

And what that means is that almost everyone I know or know who has some kind of content creation, any kind of coaching or any kind of information marketing or other kind of solo entrepreneur has every kind of content that you’ve ever had. since ever. and they are not aware of it. And one of the reasons a mobile app can be so valuable to those who use it is that it allows you to put all that content floating on your phone, on your hard drive, on your YouTube channels, etc. directly in an application that you control, on a platform that is yours, and do it through a simple and easy-to-use interface that your audience and customers can experience and enjoy instantly.

Everybody has all this digital Driftwood in their business.

I’d bet on the biggest alligator in Florida than you too.

You are simply not using it in a mobile application that is designed to help you make a profit.

Dan Kennedy talks about his idea of ​​”unused capacity”: assets, time, resources, talents, space, media, friends, contacts, networks, and so on. that you might be using, that you already own, but aren’t, but if you did, you could potentially add another “0” to your current business income.

Well guess what?

Digital driftwood is like hundreds of big fat LOGS of unused capacity floating down a river that you could be collecting, using, selling and building your business.

If you want to start benefiting and using yours, this is what I suggest to do:

1. Create a mobile app or find an affordable zΩ service that allows you to use mobile app technology, as the statistics are clear: 70% of people now consume content on a mobile phone and 90% of that content is consumes specifically in a mobile application (not a browser on the phone).

2. Start loading all your “driftwood” digital content onto it.

3. Start sharing, selling or using it to interact.

And that’s it.

Doing that alone, with content that you already have “floating around” can not only lead to quick sales, but it may even be something you can build an entire coaching, information marketing, or content creation business on.

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