How to Collect Surplus Funds From Unclaimed Tax Sales: A $ 100,000 Home Business

Looking for a work-from-home business that makes you $ 100,000 a year or more? Learning how to collect excess funds from unclaimed sales taxes may be for you. You’ve probably never heard of tax overselling, and that is why there is so much unclaimed by its rightful owners.

Surplus funds from tax sales are created when the government seizes a property for unpaid property taxes. The property is sold at auction to the highest bidder, and the bidder often pays more for the property than is owed in taxes. The result? Surplus funds from tax sales.

Typically these funds are owed to the tax-delinquent homeowner, but often homeowners don’t know this, they just assume they lost the property and that’s it. They never come looking for the funds and, after a while, the government seizes them without recourse to the owner; he simply loses the funds forever.

That is why if you can learn how to raise excess tax sale funds on behalf of your owners, you are looking to create a $ 100,000 business, which can be completely worked from home. And it’s a nice job to start with.

Unlike people who work for state-funded search engine fees, hardly anyone knows about these real estate funds. Those who do, do not realize that it is legal to collect up to 50% of the funds as a contingency fee (“we are paid only if you are paid”, as lawyers do), unlike state funds that They have a limit of 5 10%.

And as you can imagine, in a recession there are tons and tons of surplus funds from unclaimed tax sales, with more being created with each foreclosure sale. They are huge amounts of money. In fact, it is not uncommon to find surplus funds exceeding $ 100,000. Do the math with that: 50% per $ 100,000 equals a $ 50,000 contingency fee.

The process is simple: get sales tax overage records (you can get them via email, allowing you to work in any state you choose), research the owners’ contact information, call, and have them agree to your terms ( keeping the source of the money secret) and collecting the funds. Close a few claims a month and you are on your way to running a successful and profitable home business that really helps people in the process.

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