Kitchen accessory options

Kitchen cabinets, countertops, and appliances generally define the look of the room, but kitchen accessories add the finishing touches. From your style choices on everything from hardware to lighting, you have plenty of options for personalizing this heart of your home.

Kitchen taps

More than just the faucet in your sink, the faucet is one of the kitchen accessories that provides both a decorative accent and an important function. Today’s kitchen faucets are available in a wide range of styles, from the conventional single-handle faucet to more contemporary designs, such as the Moen 90-degree faucet or the Kohler Karbon wall-mount faucet. The popular gooseneck style offers a high arch that makes it easy to wash large pots or fill oversized containers. A removable sprinkler feature gives you even more freedom with your faucet, allowing you to reach beyond the confines of your sink to use water, such as watering potted plants.

To complement your room’s color, kitchen faucets are available in many finishes, including brushed or polished chrome, brass, nickel, copper, and the now-on-trend oil rubbed bronze. Styles like the Herbeau Flamande feature true faucet art in a wide range of finishes, including polished or weathered copper, and can be personalized with your choice of wood or ceramic handle.

In addition to the sink faucet, consider adding a pot-filler faucet to your kitchen accessory wish list. This wall-mounted articulating (i.e. swing arm) faucet used to be found only in commercial kitchens, but today’s serious cooks enjoy the convenience of an additional wall-mounted faucet near the stove. With a pot-filling faucet, you can do just that: turn on the faucet and fill a pot directly on the stove and avoid carrying heavy pots of water from the sink.

Cabinet Hardware

Known as the “gems” of the kitchen, cabinet hardware (knobs, handles, pulls) is more than just a way to open and close doors and drawers. With hundreds of designs, you can customize your cabinets any way you want with these kitchen accessories. A whimsical frog or seahorse, colorful ceramics, or the elegance of cast pewter or bronze can take a simple cabinet and show off your personal style. Dress up simple cabinets with more ornate knobs and pulls, like the Notting Hill Florid Leaves knob or Amerock Euro Stone Square knob, and even add a backplate to draw more attention to the hardware. Elegant cabinets should be paired with simple hardware that doesn’t dominate the cabinet design.

When choosing hardware for your cabinets, you don’t have to mix all of them, especially if you have an eclectic design style, but keep your options within the same color gamut. You should also choose a style that works not only with the style of your cabinet, but also with the countertops, the floor, and any area adjacent to the kitchen, such as your dining room, especially if it is an open floor plan.

Before you commit to buying enough cabinet hardware for every door and drawer in your kitchen, which can add up quickly, buy a few samples of each design you’re considering to see what they’ll look like in the room. When you buy two or three of a particular style, you may have a better idea of ​​the overall look than with just one knob or pull.

Kitchen lighting

Your kitchen lighting performs a variety of functions. The mood fixture on the ceiling lights up the entire room. Work lighting is placed in areas where you need a specific light, usually above workspaces, such as under cabinets or above the sink or island. Then you have decorative lighting to create the atmosphere, like pendant lights suspended above a bar.

Your functional mood lighting, such as recessed or track, has a job to do, but can be accentuated with decorative light fixtures that better reflect the room’s décor. In addition to the many metals used in kitchen light fixtures, you can often find a variety of glass options, such as frosted, tinted, or wavy, that will cast a very different light in your kitchen. Some luminaires even have an additional function. The Golden Lighting Heartwood and Jeremiah Lighting Brookshire Manor double as a planter rack.

Consider adding dimmers to your kitchen lighting so you can change the mood from a fully functional prep to an intimate gathering, or anywhere in between.

Whether you’re planning to remodel your kitchen or just want to renovate it, take a look at your kitchen accessories for simple ways to personalize the room, enhance function, or both.

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