Malta holiday packages are an excellent option

Malta holiday packages are very popular and it is not surprising when you consider the delights that this small Mediterranean island has to offer with its magnificent climate and friendly locals.

If you’re considering a destination for your next vacation package, you should seriously consider the island of Malta, which sits just south of Italy, but has one enchanting attraction that’s hard to describe.

Malta’s history is amazing, with the entire island awarded the St George’s Cross for bravery during World War II, in which Malta’s strategic location was of vital importance to the Allies.

Even now, when you visit the island, you will feel great warmth towards the British and many historical tourist attractions that remain very important to the Maltese and their family.

Malta is a modern western country but many would say it still retains the charm of a bygone era as the pace of life is slower and you will notice lots of old cars driving around the island as the Maltese do not seem as materialistic as other countries westerners. The high price of car exports also has an effect on transportation, but in a way it’s refreshing to see it sometimes.

Malta in general is a fairly laid-back island, but you’ll find nightlife in the city of St. Julians, where the clubs are open until 4am. Areas like Silema and Bugibba are also very popular with tourists, as you will also find many brand name stores here.

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