Pizzelle – Tips for bringing Pizzelle as a gift

Pizzelle makes a great gift at Christmas or for any occasion. But when it’s time to wrap them up for presentation, it can be hard to make sure the thin cookies don’t fall apart when they’re shipped.

Anyone who has ever made an effort to package pizzelle or bought them online understands how prone these desserts are to break. And while one or two damaged cookies might not be such a bad thing, a container full of them totally spoils the look of the gift. So how do you move or send containers of these treats to family and friends without presenting them with a box full of crumbs at the end?

If you won’t be transporting them very far, and if you will be physically transporting them, you can place them on a cookie sheet by themselves or as part of a cookie assortment. When doing this, make sure the cookies lie flat on the plate or tray. They can be stacked if needed, but try to keep them flat. Carefully cover with a sheet of cellophane paper, making sure the tray lies flat during transport.

Another way to give them as gifts is to package them in smaller containers. This works best when you take them somewhere to share as multiple gifts, such as when you’re going to a celebration or other gathering. Cardboard cup boxes or medium-sized candy and candy boxes work for this. With that being said, individual pizzelle makers produce cookies of different sizes, so determine the diameter of the cookie and measure the box measurements before investing in any container to place them in. If you don’t do this, you may end up with containers that are a bit small for your cookies.

Cookie tins work well for when you need to keep them well protected. This is great for when you are shipping cookies or when a tray or cardboard box might get crushed while in transit. Old cookie tins can be reused or can usually be found for sale at discount stores. As with the cardboard boxes, make sure you know the size of the cookies to ensure they will fit in the tins.

When packaging pizzelle for shipping, no matter what type of container you use, be careful not to overcrowd the treats. Doing so presents a higher risk of breakage. And if you ship the cookies or carry them in a box that’s too big, protect the breakable cookies by filling in the empty spaces with clean, crumpled paper towels.

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