The corruption of our main political parties in the United States.

Why is it that every time we look at Washington DC we see questionable activities bordering on corruption or outright illegality? Perhaps this is something that both sides of the aisle agree on – they seem to agree that this is acceptable, but it is not. Let’s take these recent problems with email scandals. We have the DNC being hacked by a Romanian hacker and Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email server with official State Department correspondence, some top secret but all, none of anyone’s business, especially foreign entities and spies.

There was an interesting article in Homeland Security News; “Democrats brace for more email leaks,” posted July 26, 2016. The article read:

“The FBI said Monday that the agency is investigating hacks of DNC computer networks. Democrats are concerned that the Russian government hackers behind the DNC hackers have gotten their hands on other politically embarrassing emails and documents. and hackers would release these emails and documents between now and November in an effort to increase Trump’s chances of winning in November. Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder and current senior editor, who said the statement [of the DNC e-mails] Friday was the first in a series. “

Basically, the emails that caused the DNC president to resign are the tip of the iceberg. Just as what was revealed from Hillary Clinton’s private email server turned out to be much more than she admitted when she was interviewed hundreds of times on the subject. If the DNC is corrupt and worked to undermine one of its own candidates in the primary process for another, it has dishonored every Democratic voter in America and therefore they need to get their house in order and they should probably sit outside the rest of the voters. this election until they remove corruption from their activities and change their leadership. Free and fair elections are crucial to a free society, but half of our electorate has been misled and lied to.

If more emails come out showing collusion than WikiLeaks notes to be the case, then there could be another reason for a possible Hillary Clinton indictment, even if she has temporarily sidestepped the first one with misuse of classified material on her illegal server. State Department protocol. No matter who hacked the emails in any event at the time, the question now is what information was in those emails and what will they reveal about how bad our political process has become and how corrupt our leadership at the highest levels really has become. it is. Think about it.

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