Blogging Success 101 – You have the birthright to be successful

Do you think you have the birthright to succeed in life? Yes, you are born successful and if you are living a miserable life right now, you simply did not fight for this right. When you are conceived by your parents, imagine the millions of cells competing, and only you successfully left this world and the rest of the cells have died. This means that you have the birthright to succeed. The only thing better for you to do is fight for this right and succeed the way you wanted it to be.

Many people say that if I have the birthright to be successful, why am I living this miserable life? If you are this person who asks the same old question then consider doing a life review, what you have done in the past and your life decisions maybe are making your life miserable now.

Do a review of your life – As long as it is not too late for you because maybe you are in the middle of your life and you still have good chances to improve. Try to do a review of your past decisions. Your past decisions may have been the main reasons why you lead miserable lives. For example, you are fascinated by sports and you really dream of becoming a Michael Jordan, but then you have decided to sign up for the dance because a friend influences you to decide to dance. This clearly shows that you made a mistake in following your friend’s decision rather than your fascinations with sports.

Discover your talents and abilities – This is the best point to consider when making a decision for your future. This is also where many people have failed because when they were young and full of enthusiasm they made bad decisions that destroy their future because they are enjoying their current careers. Remember this: what you decide today will be a measure of what you will be in the future.

Develop and Improve Your Talents: Michael Jordan became a basketball legend because he pursued his dream of becoming a master ballhandler by studying many techniques and practicing constantly. He couldn’t have become the ultimate idol of millions of sports fans around the world if he hadn’t figured it out, putting in extra hours to practice, practice, practice. Remember the times Jordan switched to another sport, but he didn’t make it because his birthright to success was in basketball. There are many ways to develop and improve his skills. He can attend formal education in courses inclined to his interests, participate in competitions, courses and seminars.

Foresee your future: If you are fascinated with basketball, for example, you can envision yourself as a basketball superstar in the future. This will help you gain courage and more adrenaline to do whatever it takes to succeed. In this way you can make basketball a way of life, and this becomes a way of life, so what follows is practice, practice and more practice.

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