Easier car shipping

Car shipping people may need it for many reasons.

  • Maybe you bought a car through eBay

  • Maybe you own a car dealership

  • You may want to participate in a track event

  • Maybe you are moving to another city

  • Maybe you want to move your favorite car to your hometown

  • Maybe you finally bought the car of your dreams

Whatever the reason, transporting your vehicle to the final destination instead of driving it can save you time and money. Finding the right professional shipping company saves you a lot of sweat without the stress or hassle of doing it yourself. Auto transport now it is much easier than before. It can be done in a few easy steps, as explained later.

Shipping list

A clear budget estimate must first be prepared in order to successfully transport the car. Deciding the correct type of trailer or truck to load the car depends on the total weight, value, time, and exposure of the vehicle during transportation. Any special conditions for additional care should be mentioned before. One of the main components in calculating the cost of car shipping is the distance involved. Also, taller and longer cars need additional adjustments and are more expensive.

Two because the transport alternatives are available as closed or open. The closed option is ideal for luxury vehicles and provides full protection during shipment. In open transport, the car will be transported on an open or exposed trailer and costs less. If the car is running, loading on the trailer becomes easier. Otherwise, it requires a winch and other equipment to load onto the trailer, increasing the shipping cost.

Get multiple quotes

Once you have filled in the vehicle details and its requirements on the top professional websites, the quotes from car transport companies will flood. You can share your concerns regarding your insurance, safety, and past experiences. You can also review the profiles of the shipping companies using comments from previous clients. Also, photos of the equipment and vehicle used to autoship it will be shared by the highest rated companies. Once you have negotiated the correct quote, finalize the contract of carriage.

Shipping and handing

The contact details of the transport company will be provided once the best quote is approved. You can have a direct meeting with the transportation company to discuss pickup, transportation and delivery or any additional information required.

Preparing your car for transport

Several steps must be taken to ensure that the car is ready for transport.

  • Clean both the exterior and interior of the car.

  • Burns most of the fuel. Leave no more than a quarter of the fuel tank.

  • Inspect car fluids, battery charge, and tire pressure test.

  • Remove and save all accessories.

  • Make sure no personal property remains.

  • Disable alarm systems, retract antennas, and fold mirrors.

  • Take pictures of the shipment both during pickup and delivery.

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