How to finally stop your browser from constantly showing up on the Xfinity login page on your Mac

There you are, in your favorite comfortable space to relax, do some creative work, or just hang out. The atmosphere is perfect, a tasty beverage within reach, and you’re ready to write and then… Out of the blue, your web browser opens to an Xfinity web page asking for your username and password.

You dismiss it as a one-time nuisance and close your browser. But like a child begging for attention, he comes back, looks at you, and taps you on the shoulder to ask you to go for a walk on the Internet, not once, not twice, but EVERY time you close your browser.

You can finally put this wild child in time out and go back to your happy place.

The problem lies in two areas, the publicly accessible portion of the home or business router you’re connected to, and the list of networks on your Mac.

public access

In Comcast’s infinite wisdom, they have re-provisioned their routers to allow subscribers to log into their Comcast account and connect to the Internet wherever the service is available through the network name “xfinity wifi.” Those who want this wide availability without a Comcast account are out of luck.

This allows subscribers to do two things:

Firstit connects subscribers to the many routers within Comcast territory, creating a mesh network of public Wi-Fi hotspots with just their login information without incurring additional fees for their own account.

Secondseparates the connection between homeowners or businesses from subscribers temporarily connecting to the router and does not count as traffic generated by router owners.

Now let’s get this problem out of the way.

Mac network list

The big problem with the little “Xfinity Wifi” in your face lies in one place you have control over: your list of networks.

A couple of notes on Mac network preferences:

Because Xfinity Wifi is an open network, it does not require a username and password until you log in to the network.

Open networks get the preferred state and are tried first when the wireless adapter searches for a network to join.

You can modify the default behavior of your Mac by rearranging the list in the Network pane in System Preferences.

Modify your list of preferred networks

1. In System Preferences, click Network.

2. The first network option in the list should be Wi-Fi, make sure it is highlighted.

3. Next, find and click on the Advanced button at the bottom right.

4. You can move your preferred networks further up the list based on frequency to the top of that screen. Find the “Xfinity Wi-Fi” network in the list, click it, and then click the “-” button to get rid of this beast.

5. If your iCloud Keychain is active, click Remove (All devices connected to iCloud will also remove the “Xfinity Wi-Fi” network).

6. Click OK.

7. Click Apply.

Now you don’t have to worry about Mac constantly opening your web browser every time you want to connect to a wireless network.

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