How To Satisfy A Girl In Bed – The 3 Most Vital Secrets You Must Know At All Costs

After successfully wooing your girl and taking her to your bedroom, how do you satisfy her in bed so that she remains your lover for the rest of your life? If you are looking for answers to this question, keep reading….

Approach carefully-

Sex is not enjoyed only in the groin, but a large part of the enjoyment actually takes place in the brain. Don’t rush into sex; this will only discourage her. Hold her close to her and give her a kiss that sucks your breath away. Stay away from her obvious sexual organs like her breasts, buttocks, and other private parts. Instead, rub his shoulders and give him a massage to relax tense neck and shoulder muscles. You can also gently run your hands down the back and upper thigh.

Plant your kisses in strategic places-

Start kissing her mouth and slowly move to her neck and shoulders. Once she starts breathing faster, it’s a sign that she likes what you’re doing. She now undresses her slowly and continues kissing the parts of the body that little by little are becoming exposed. Stay away from her nipples, instead kiss him and run your tongue around them and tease her. Once you have her naked, she spreads her legs and starts kissing her inner thighs. Run your tongue into her vagina, but don’t kiss or lick it. After a while, bring your mouth close to her vagina and start kissing and licking her labia. Use your fingers and mouth simultaneously and stimulate her clitoris. Do this for a while and then use your finger to explore her G-spot. After you find her G-spot, bring her to a devastating orgasm using just your fingers and mouth.


After the first round, your girl is now ready for the second round, slowly penetrating her in the missionary position. Thrust her slowly and when she starts to tremble with pleasure increase the power of your thrusts. Just as you are about to ejaculate withdraw and control yourself and re-enter her and continue your thrusts. Take her to another mind-blowing orgasm. Throughout the sexual act compliment her appearance and her body and maintain eye contact.

After you’ve both had orgasms, hold her in your arms and tell her how much you love her and thank her for the wonderful experience.

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