The Biggest Manufacturers of EV Charging Stations

Manufacturers of EV Charging Stations

With electric vehicle (EV) adoption continuing to rise exponentially around the world, charging stations are becoming a crucial piece of infrastructure. This is a rapidly evolving market with both dominant players and hungry new entrants looking to stake out their territory. From home installations to public networks, these are some of the biggest manufacturers in this space.

The energy giant has its hands in many parts of the industry, and its latest foray is in the EV charging space. It has invested in a few different companies, including a joint venture with seven automakers to build a network of fast chargers for their vehicles in North America. The company has also partnered with the Electrify Canada spin-off to help get the country’s EV grid up and running.

One of the biggest suppliers of automotive technology, it is no surprise that Bosch also makes ev charging station manufacturers solutions. Their products range from simple AC wallboxes to high-powered DC fast charging stations. They have a focus on creating scalable and intuitive networks that don’t sacrifice charging speeds.

The Biggest Manufacturers of EV Charging Stations

The German engineering company is another major player in EV charging solutions. Their offerings range from residential to commercial charging stations, with the ability to integrate advanced features such as payment systems and data collection. Siemens’ clients include airports, municipalities, universities and other businesses. They are a leader in developing charging solutions that are upgradeable and networked, allowing users to program for reservations, payments and other services.

The multinational electrical equipment and power management company’s heavyweight electrical and power management know-how is a strong force behind its foray into EV charging. Its EV charging station equipment is designed to work seamlessly with utility power systems for a smooth integration. Its smart devices, platforms and user, and operation and maintenance services allow it to have a strong foothold among utilities, workplaces and other public spaces as EV charging continues to spread globally.

The California-based company leads the way with its massive network of more than 115,000 charging stations, enabling drivers to cover thousands of miles with their EVs. Its software-driven solution combines the car’s onboard battery and charging controller to modulate the flow of electricity between the charging station, the car and the grid. This helps reduce the load on the power system, reducing energy costs for both the driver and the grid.

A major supplier of industrial power distribution, ABB is making a solid impact in the EV charging space. Its EV charging stations offer a mix of standard and fast charging options for public, private and semi-private spaces. They feature intelligent operation and maintenance to maximize efficiency, plus they are ruggedly reliable for long-term service. The firm also offers a variety of EV charging stations that are scalable and easy to install. These include pole-mounted, wall-mounted and pedestal-mounted units. The EV charging stations can also be integrated with parking-management systems to enable automated operations. The EV charging stations are compatible with most major EV brands and models.

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