Nike SB – Reliable, modern skate shoe for the new age

Nike Dunks is one of the most popular shoe brands in the basketball market as well as skateboarding requirements. Keeping up with the recent trends in the industry, Nike Dunks have always lived up to the fashion expectations of the public. Nike introduces the exclusive collection of stylish shoes that meet the sporting and comfort needs of the gaming population. There are more than 65 variations of this Nike dunks fashion collection which is now available at all Nike outlets and other leading showrooms.

Nike Dunks was introduced in the market as an ideal product for basketball. As immensely popular, this brand soon caught the attention of shoe collectors and sneaker lovers. As this product gained interest in the market, all the new variations were launched at the outlets to promote it at the energizing events. A major evolution in the popularity of this brand came after it was associated with the world famous athlete and basketball icon Michael Jordan in the late 1980s. Earlier versions of Nike dunks were made of canvas along with profiled rubber soles. solid. Gradually, the fashion trends for basketball morphed into all new forms of leather and that’s when the fall of Nike dunks began.

The market seemed to have shifted more towards meeting the skateboarding needs of the generation rather than basketball. Considering the state of demand, a new brand of Nike shoes was designed especially for skating when this product was re-launched in 1998. As per the purpose of the launch, this brand was named Nike dunks SB. However, both sports have a lot in common. That is the reason why collecting both brands at the same time was not a big problem since it was already a popular name for basketball in the market. Some significant changes were made to the Nike dunks in order to fit in with skate culture.

Both skateboarding and basketball require a lot of durability and strength, as both games involve fast movement and a lot of tension. Therefore, the feet and toes are put under constant stress and struggle. Therefore, the Nike dunks SB was double stitched with action leather and a low contoured sole. This helps players to grab the board and rebound. Additional features of the SB shoes include the Zoom Air sole, puffed tongue and pseudo toe caps to make it even more comfortable and stylish. The Nike dunks are an ideal collection material for a lover of skateboarding or basketball.

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